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Born to Heal Podcast With Dr. Katie Deming

Born to Heal Podcast With Dr. Katie Deming

Born to Heal Podcast with Dr. Katie Deming


I have full immense gratitude for ALL of you who here reading this. ❤️

I would not be doing this if it wasn't for all of your support.

The Born to Heal Podcast with Dr. Katie Deming Trailer is HERE! 🎉

Releasing this podcast feels unreal, but I know there is so much to share in this world.

Welcome to your NEW FAVORITE HEALING PODCAST. Join me your host Dr. Katie Deming, a board certified radiation oncologist and the founder of MAKEMERRY as I share my experience in the topic of healing. After 16 years of serving thousands of cancer patients, I recount my best personal life lessons and teach you how to heal from within.

I would absolutely LOVE if you took a listen the podcast trailer. My first OFFICIAL episode will be releasing tomorrow Friday, September 17th, 2021. 💙

I’d absolutely appreciate if you not only give it a follow, but give it some rating love. It would mean so much to me. This will help me be able to share my message with more people and the world. ❤️


Managing Fear.

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Join in on the fun and I invite you celebrate with me…as the world needs healing now more than ever!

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