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Real women. Real stories.
Meet our MAKEMERRY models.

MAKEMERRY isn’t just another bra company. Developed by Dr. Katie Deming, a board certified radiation oncologist, MAKEMERRY is the first line of soft, stylish, sexy intimates meticulously designed to provide pain-free support after surgery, during radiation, and beyond.

But we’re more than that. Much more.

MAKEMERRY’s mission is to support, empower, and celebrate women. Because cancer patients aren’t victims. Or even superheroes. They’re just ordinary women—doing extraordinary things.

In the upcoming few months, we’ll highlight seven real women-turned-MAKEMERRY models and share their unique stories. From an L.A. writer to a southern lawyer, each woman’s experience is vastly different—yet somehow similar. Discover their struggles, their successes, their silver linings, and even their Starbucks order.

First up: Lianne. A woman whose inner strength matches her outer strength.

Lianne is one of those women who just have It. It being some sort of charisma, a kind of x-factor, a certain je ne sais quoi. You might guess—judging from her physique—that she likes to work out. She does. You probably wouldn’t guess—also judging from her physique—that she’s battling cancer. She is. But believe us when we say that cancer doesn’t define her. Besides being a fitness instructor, this Portlandian mom is a hair stylist, a house-flipper, and a serious dance battler. She also proves that cancer isn’t one-size-fits-all, but is as unique as the woman living it. And Lianne is definitely unique. Not to mention wicked funny. But don’t take our word for it...

You live a pretty busy life. What do you like to do in your “free time”?

Probably something related to fashion, fitness, or home renovation. And above all, spending time with my kids.

That one secret talent you possess?

I can flip a house like nobody’s business. I can also dance battle anybody on the street.

Who did you tell first about your diagnosis?

My wife.

What has been the most surprising thing about your diagnosis or experience?

The amazing people that have been so unexpectedly generous. And the strangers who have unexpectedly become my angels.

What did you know about yourself that was confirmed by this diagnosis?

That I’m resilient as fuck.

What have you learned about yourself?

That I actually do need help sometimes. I’ve never been one to ask for it.

Now that you have had this experience, is there one thing that you would never say to someone diagnosed with cancer? Why?

Oh man…SO MANY. ‘What stage is your cancer? What’s your prognosis? If anyone can beat this, it’s you.’ I was in a VERY small percentage of young women who were going to get cancer. So shit happens. Please don’t tell people they’re going to beat it. As much as I appreciate when people believe in me, nobody knows how this is going to go. And I’m 100% ok with that. Clearly we’re fighting for the best outcome, but let’s not be naïve—this disease kills people too. It’s nothing to take lightly.

What is the silver lining from your experience?

I don’t know yet. I can’t wait to find it.

Why do you want to model for MAKEMERRY?

I’m still looking to be discovered. Just kidding. I love what MAKEMERRY is doing for women. Having cancer is extremely isolating, so having a company tailored to your specific needs makes patients feel understood and supported (no pun intended).

Do you have a lucky charm, or something you wear to every treatment or procedure?

No, it’s not my style. Maybe just a wicked smile.

Lianne is just the first of many bad-ass women we’ll be highlighting on the MAKEMERRY blog. Check back soon to meet our next model: a creative and self-described “delusionally optimistic” Los Angeles writer.

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