TIPS & TRICKS: How to Wear and Style Your MAKEMERRY Bra

TIPS & TRICKS: How to Wear and Style Your MAKEMERRY Bra

By Dr. Katie Deming
Radiation Oncologist & MAKEMERRY Founder

Fitting a new bra isn’t easy. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your new MAKEMERRY bra. Each body is unique, and we design our bras to fit a range of sizes and shapes. Here are 3 styling tips to achieve the perfect fit for your body.  

Tip #1: Pockets & Modesty Pads

All MAKEMERRY bras are pocketed and include removable modesty pads. Based on your personal preference, you can wear our bras with or without the modesty pads. You should do what feels most comfortable for you. Many customers keep the pads in for extra coverage or fullness. Others remove the pads so the fabric will lay flush against their breasts. If one breast is smaller, you can experiment with using both modesty pads on the smaller side or one pad on the smaller side and no pad on the fuller side. If you are flat and still looking for the perfect bra, MAKEMERRY is the one for you. Many of our customers are completely flat. They wear our bras without modesty pads for a smooth look or with pads for a fuller look. MAKEMERRY bras will accommodate lightweight prostheses. 

Tip #2: Convertible Straps

The straps on MAKEMERRY bras can be worn straight or crisscrossed. Simply unhook the straps in the back to cross the straps or adjust the length. With straps in the straight position, our bras are designed to provide light support. Crossing the straps will increase the support from light to moderate. It is important to remember that each body is different. Women with large breasts may prefer crossed straps for the added lift. And women with smaller frames or narrow shoulders may prefer crossed straps for a snug fit or to prevent slipping.  

Tip #3: Plunge vs. Full Coverage

When choosing a MAKEMERRY bra, it is essential to understand the difference between the Plunge and Full Coverage styles. The Plunge is lower cut and best fits A to C cup sizes. It is also a great option to wear under tops with a low neckline. The Full Coverage style provides more coverage and fits A-DD cups. It is the best solution if you wear a D or greater cup size. The Full Coverage bra works really well as a layering piece when you want more coverage under your clothing. Many women have replaced their constricting sports bras with the MAKEMERRY Full Coverage bra. 

We hope this helps you get the perfect fit on your MAKEMERRY bra! If you would like to see visuals head over to Dr. Katie Deming’s YouTube channel to watch our stylist, Ariana, demonstrate these tips and tricks. Please contact us if you have additional questions. We are here to help!

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