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Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: Click here view our sizing instructions!


Q: Do you allow exchanges or returns?

A: Yes! We are happy to exchange a product that doesn't work for you, and also allow returns. All returned or exchanged bras must be unworn and unwashed with tags attached. If you would like to exchange or return a bra, please send an email to with information about your exchange or return. 

Q: Is there a storefront where I can try on a bra?

A: Yes! There are some boutiques and clinics that carry our product. f you are not able to make it to a shop, we have a great exchange policy to make sure you receive the perfect fit.

Q: Does the band around the rib cage on MAKEMERRY bras roll up?

A: No, MAKEMERRY bras are designed to stay put! Our design is specially engineered with a long-line silhouette that extends below the breast so there is no rolling of fabric or pressure against the breast


Q: Does MAKEMERRY carry a compression bra?

A: No, we do not. MAKEMERRY is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Think the opposite of a compression bra... but with the perfect amount of support! MAKEMERRY bras are soft to the touch, without being too tight and making you feel like your breast tissue is being irritated from compression.


Q: Do MAKEMERRY bras have underwire?

A: Nope! We know that an underwire can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation when undergoing breast cancer treatment. Instead of underwire, the soft band around the ribcage is designed with a longline silhouette, to evenly distribute support below the breasts without putting pressure on the breast tissue.

Q: Can I purchase a gift card for someone if I don't know their size?

A: Yes! Our gift cards are conveniently filled to include the exact amount for one, two, or three bras plus shipping. You can purchase gift cards here

Q: How do I become a wholesale account?

A: Please contact us and we will send you all the information you need!


Q: How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

A: You can find information on shipping cost and time here


Q: I am a physician/nurse and would love to have a sample bra in my clinic to show patients. Is that possible?

A: Yes! We even provide special discount codes unique to each clinic, so your patients will receive free shipping with their order. To request information for your clinic, click here


Q: My doctor told me that I need a bra that is 100% cotton during radiation. Do you have that?

A: MAKEMERRY bras are a blend of Pima Cotton and Modal, with a touch of Spandex. You do NOT need a 100% cotton bra for radiation treatment. Here's why: Doctors recommend 100% cotton because of old information, and the fact that there is no extensive research taking place within the medical field regarding fabric and bras. Our founder, Dr. Katie Deming, is a Radiation Oncologist who made it her mission to research this for her patients. She found that 100% cotton bras are not necessary and also not the most comfortable. %100 cotton can be too rough and not offer enough stretch. This is why we chose to blend Cotton with Modal, an equally as breathable fiber that offers a luxurious softness. Especially when blended with the finest quality Pima Cotton. Stretch is necessary for ultimate comfort while undergoing radiation treatment. The small amount of spandex in MAKEMERRY bras provides that needed stretch.


Q: Do MAKEMERRY bras fit women that have had a unilateral mastectomy and do not wear a prosthetic?

A: Yes! Our bras will work for a unilateral mastectomy without a prosthetic. There will be extra fabric but most of our customers with a unilateral mastectomy will wear the pad that is included with the bra so that it looks smooth on the side of mastectomy.


Q: Will MAKEMERRY bras work well if I have expanders?

A: Yes! Our bras have a soft and stretchy fabric that will easily lay flush on any shape breast. Each bra comes with modesty pads, which we recommend removing if you have expanders.


Q: Can I wear prosthesis with MAKEMERRY bras?

A: MAKEMERRY bras are pocketed, and are suitable for lightweight prosthesis.


Q: Can I use my insurance to purchase a MAKEMERRY bra?

A: Yes! If you are purchasing bras after breast cancer surgery, you may be eligible for insurance coverage. You will need a prescription from your doctor. You can then take that prescription to one of the boutiques that carry MAKEMERRY bras. However, we do not accept insurance coverage when purchased directly from our website. Please contact us if you would like more information on how to approach getting a prescription from your doctor for a bra.