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For Clinics


“Finding a comfortable bra was the hardest part of going through radiation.  I’m so glad I found MAKERMERRY!” - Jennifer

Why MAKEMERRY bras are perfect for women receiving radiation:

Sensitive skin makes it difficult to wear traditional bras. After researching the best fabrics and designs for my patients with sensitive skin from radiation treatments, I realized that there were no bras on the market that met this need. So in 2010, I began designing bras based on the needs of my own patients. And then it hit me: EVERY woman with sensitive skin deserves the same support. This revelation inspired me to create MAKEMERRY, the first line of soft, stylish, sexy intimates, meticulously designed to provide pain-free support for sensitive bodies. Like you, my goal is to help my patients feel more comfortable and more confident. Together, we can make it happen.

“The MAKEMERRY bra should be part of every breast cancer radiation teams’ ‘gift’ to their patients! I received my first set of MAKEMERRY bras from my team and will be forever grateful!” - Laura


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