Radiation and Post Surgery Bras You'll Love

The first line of soft, stylish, sexy intimates meticulously designed to provide pain-free support after surgery, during radiation, and beyond.

Fact: Radiation for breast cancer causes a sunburn-like reaction over the breast, and surgery leaves sensitive incisions, making it painful to wear traditional bras.

That's why we've created MAKEMERRY. Our designs...

- Feel
soft and luxurious against the most sensitive skin, whether from radiation or incisions.
- Avoid seams and edges in typical sensitive areas where incisions or rashes often appear with radiation or surgery, such as around the arms.
- Put the support below the breasts beyond sensitive areas and instead onto the rib cage to ensure comfort.
- Have adjustable straps in the back to provide the support configuration that feels best for you, and to avoid sensitive spots.


You’ve been tough enough.
You deserve something soft.

My name is Dr. Katie Deming. I’m a board certified radiation oncologist and founder of MAKEMERRY.

For years, I watched as my patients struggled to find bras that felt soft against their sensitive skin.

Not finding them, I would alter their own bras to make them more comfortable during radiation. Unfortunately, these little hacks were ineffective and anything but sexy.

So I decided to take the plunge—pun intended—and design the perfect bra.

My passion project turned into six years of researching the best fabrics and designs, prototyping, patenting, wear testing, not sleeping, and ultimately, developing MAKEMERRY’s unique design.

MAKEMERRY is the first line of soft, stylish, sexy intimates meticulously designed to provide pain-free support after surgery, during radiation, and beyond.

The proof?

Whereas the majority of women throw away their post-surgical bras after treatment, most of our customers transition MAKEMERRY into their new everyday bra.

Even women without breast cancer are obsessed with MAKEMERRY’s perfect blend of comfort and style.

Although I never intended to design clothing, MAKEMERRY has become an extension of my own oncology practice and a gratifying way to impact not only my patients, but also women worldwide.

Whether you’re dealing with cancer, crave some comfort, or just want to feel more confident, MAKEMERRY is the perfect bra for you.

Be well,

We’re positive you’ll fall hard for our soft bras. But if not, no worries. Returns and exchanges are always free.

Why Women Love Their MAKEMERRY Bra's


“Before my first MAKEMERRY bra I was wearing an uncomfortable surgical bra I was given after my DIEP Flap Reconstruction because nothing else fit. The moment I put on my MAKEMERRY I almost cried!! It was not only soft/comfortable but beautiful (I actually feel sexy when I wear it) and the fit is amazing. I highly recommend you get one of these for yourself!!”


"My MAKEMERRY bra makes me feel supported and like a woman first. It’s super cute in its own right, and doesn’t look vaguely medical so I don’t have the constant reminder of being a patient. I would easily recommend this product to anyone who wants to steer clear of underwire. My go-to bra for day to day."


"I absolutely love my MAKEMERRY® bra. I wore it for a day of surgery and it was soft, light and comfortable. At the end of the day, it still felt great. I will recommend it for my breast cancer patients after surgery."


"I am so happy that MAKEMERRY bras are available for my patients. I believe in the products and recommend them to anyone who is receiving radiation for breast cancer. Just showing one of these bras to my patients will bring a smile to their face. In fact, they are so cute and comfortable that I wear a MAKEMERRY Plunge Bra myself. It has become my ‘Go-to’ bra."


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