Our Team

Katie Deming
: Founder and CEO

What I do: Everything. No, seriously.

What I’m about: I grew up in Marin County, California and attended college at UC Santa Barbara. After graduation, I left the sunny Cali coast for the southern charms of Durham, North Carolina. From the second I stepped onto the Duke University campus, I knew I wanted to specialize in oncology. While in medical school, I was awarded the Michael R Nathan Award to pilot a program on cervical cancer screening in Haiti, which ultimately turned into a national program. I remained at Duke for my internship in internal medicine, followed by my residency in radiation oncology before heading back to the West Coast.

Since 2006, I’ve had the privilege of serving patients as a radiation oncologist at Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Oregon. During this time, I served as the interim chief of oncology,  created a cancer-specific patient advisory council and designed / launched the first cancer service line within Kaiser Permanente nationally.

Why MAKEMERRY: I started MAKEMERRY because I believe women shouldn’t have to choose between feeling comfortable and looking beautiful, especially when undergoing radiation. Now that I’ve created a company, I realize my “why” is bigger than just creating products for my patients. I want MAKEMERRY to be a place that’s great to work for and provides meaningful work for its employees.

What may surprise you: I have five kids. (Not a typo)

What my last meal on earth would be: Fish tacos washed down with a spicy margarita.

Meredith Mills
Position: Marketing Director

What I do: Marketing, sales, orders, inventory, finance, accounting, other things.

What I’m about: A firm believer that the West Coast is the best coast, I’ve called the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara, California, and Eugene, Oregon home. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!), I spent 10 years in corporate manufacturing working for brands like Ugg, Teva, and Levi. Once my two children were born, I switched gears and worked as a personal trainer, a health coach, and a life coach. I was also a competitive cyclist, triathlete, and marathon runner, so imagine my surprise when, in 2005, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Suddenly, my life changed. I now understand what it’s like to be a woman facing a health crisis, and bogged down by countless fears and unknowns. That’s why I’m beyond excited to work for a company that supports (figuratively and literally) strong women.

Why MAKEMERRY: How much time do you have? Katie and I have been friends since college, which means I’ve witnessed first hand her commitment to fill this void. With my corporate manufacturing background, I knew I wanted to work for Katie one day. Of course, I always believed in the mission, but I fell in love with the product the second I tried it on.

What may surprise you: Growing up, I wanted to be a computer programmer or a waitress. Super unrelated, I know.

Who my dream dinner guest would be: Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Cancer. I first started following Kris as a health coach—she was the first person who made me try green juice! Then when I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, I started following her work further. Kris has lived with stage IV Cancer for over 10 years. She’s such an inspiration!

Ariana Tobe
Position: Stylist & Social Media Manager

What I do: Creative consulting, styling, social media, photo shoots. The artsier, the better.

What I’m about: Born in Cali and raised in Idaho, I headed west after earning a degree in fashion from the University of Idaho. After two pseudo-glamorous years freelancing as a stylist assistant for Nike, Lululemon, and Adidas, I did a major 180 and began a postbac program at Portland State to finish my pre-med requirements.

Why MAKEMERRY: It serendipitously combines my love for fashion and medicine. Plus, I get to work with Katie, a strong female leader who inspires me to strive for greatness every day!

What may surprise you: I designed and constructed an avant-garde dress made out of sombreros, then presented it to a panel of judges from science backgrounds. I was the only student with an artistic presentation, but I ended up winning the competition!

What my favorite Beyonce song is: That is probably the most difficult question I’ve ever been asked! But these two are always on repeat: ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde with Jay Z and Dangerously in Love 2.

Hannah Zhao
Position: Intern Phenom

What I do: Editor/Writer/Content Coordinator for the MAKEMERRY blog

What I’m about: Midwestern-born, Portland raised, and So-Cal schooled, I pretty much came out of the womb knowing I wanted to be a doctor. My mom is a doctor as well, so it’s definitely in my genes. Passionate about the intersection of medicine and altruism, I’m currently a pre-med senior at the University of Southern California, double majoring in Health and Human Sciences and Psychology.

Why MAKEMERRY: Katie introduced the company to me after I shadowed her for a day, and I was immediately drawn to MAKEMERRY’s emphasis on the holistic treatment of patients. People forget just how much a patient’s mental health contributes to their general sense of wellness. Something as simple as the ability to feel confident and sexy in a comfortable bra can make a real difference—especially for someone going through radiation.

What may surprise you: I’m pretty sure this is a tie: I’m a former state champion in piano. I can also solve the Rubik’s Cube in under a minute.

What my worst habit is: Not necessarily a habit, but I’m horrible at being on time. I’m working on it, but no promises.