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Why Women Love MAKEMERRY

Danielle Cooper

“Before my first MAKEMERRY bra I was wearing an uncomfortable surgical bra I was given after my reconstruction because nothing else fit. The moment I put on my MAKEMERRY I almost cried!! It was not only soft/comfortable but beautiful (I actually feel sexy when I wear it) and the fit is amazing. I highly recommend you get one of these for yourself!!”

Regina Hampton, MD

"I absolutely love my MAKEMERRY® bra.  I wore it for a day of surgery and it was soft, light and comfortable.  At the end of the day, it still felt great.  I will recommend it for my patients."


"I am so happy that MAKEMERRY bras are available for my patients. I believe in the products and recommend them to anyone who is receiving radiation.. Just showing one of these bras to my patients will bring a smile to their face. In fact, they are so cute and comfortable that I wear a MAKEMERRY Plunge Bra myself. It has become my ‘Go-to’ bra."

Molly Kochan

"My MAKEMERRY bra makes me feel supported and like a woman first. It’s super cute in its own right, and doesn’t look vaguely medical. I would easily recommend this product to anyone who wants to steer clear of underwire. My go-to bra for day to day."